September 5, 2017

Alignment can mean many things. Today I'm going to talk about a couple of those meanings. So recently, I was having a really hard time at work. Bet some of you can relate. But Jeannie, I thought you were an author, blogger, and podcaster. Don't you work from home? Well, no. Not yet. You see, I'm still on my spiritual journey just like you are. I haven't attained every single thing I'm reaching for yet. Please notice the "yet." I am getting there. Back to the story... That particular day I had worked several days in a row - I regularly work seven days in a row. My manager had been on vacation, and since I'm the assistant manager, that meant every problem then fell to me to sort out. It had been a stressful week. And I'd had a headache for much of it. My back and neck had also chosen that week to throb incessantly. Fun, right? So not in alignment. That day I'd nearly cried at work twice. The other managers were worried about me - they told me later - and were trying not to add to my already large load of duties. Now being a weepy, miserable ball of despair who is totally not in alignment is not the norm for me. Over the past two years I've been working to be more positive and change my outlook as well as my life. So having such a bad day definitely felt like a setback. The part of my brain that likes to express all my doubts and fears kept telling me horrible things. "You'll never be rid of this job, Jeannie." "You'll never get your business off the ground." "You'll never get the money you need to see your dreams come true." "You'll never be able to donate to all those causes you love so much because you'll never have the money you need." "Every Christmas for now until ever will be ruined 'cause you're gonna be stuck right here." You get the gist. The pain of my back and neck, coupled with that nasty headache was really doing a number on my psyche. I couldn't think straight - due to not being in alignment either physically or energetically. Even though I did my walk in nature like I always do, the pain in my body remained and things kept going wrong at work. One crisis after another kept happening. Then, I finally made the decision that changed everything. Listen to hear what it was... Mentioned in this episode: My Chiropractor Kelli Cooper Check out my Facebook Live video below (some technical difficulties, but you get to meet my two cats!): Wanna learn more about changing your life for the better? Check out my recent post and podcast on surrender. Watch this space for a new page and opportunity soon!


Podcast 006: Surrender

August 29, 2017

Surrender! No, I'm not talking about the white flag kind of surrender, either. I'm talking about the spiritual kind. I’ve been studying spiritual teachings like the Law of Attraction (LOA) and similar perspectives for a while now, and I’ve discovered some important things about the role of surrender. Surrender is all about allowing yourself to flow with the intentions of the Universe/God. If you’re like me, you’ve spent most if not all of your life struggling, straining and striving - not surrendering. Want a raise or promotion? Work harder and for longer hours. Want to finish that novel? Sit in front of that laptop until your butt aches, even if inspiration isn’t coming. Want straight As in school? Study so hard and reduce your sleep so much that you end up with Mono and the flu two weeks before your final exams your freshman year of college. *clears throat* Yep, that was me. Straining and striving is hard. Like, really hard. But many of us have been taught that it’s the only way to succeed. Even though it makes you freaking miserable and exhausted. Yet if you subscribe to the LOA, you believe you can manifest things by focusing on them with positive energy. Of course, it’s deeper than that. The Universe/God/Source is always trying to give us what we want. That higher power supports us at all times, loving us unconditionally no matter what we do. The thing is, we have more power than we realize. If you focus negatively or try to live your life by forcing things to happen, then that is the vibration that will be sent out into the ethers. That vibration is the one that will be mirrored back. And that vibration does not carry the happy manifestations that you want. It just doesn’t. Let me site a couple of surrender examples. The first is an example from the amazing spiritual teacher, speaker, author and singer/songwriter Rikka Zimmerman. If you’ve watched Rikka’s Facebook live videos or YouTube channel, you already know that she’s a living miracle. If you haven’t checked out her website or the social media listed above, I recommend you give her a try. Back in 2015, Rikka was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer throughout her body. She had tumors growing in several vital areas including her brain, spine, and liver. When most people receive the kind of news Rikka did, they begin to put their affairs together. They believe they have just been given a death sentence. But, Rikka, being who she is, didn’t believe that. She believed she could heal herself. Oh, this is one of those, ‘she healed herself stories like it was magic,’ you may be thinking. Let me stop you right there. Because this is something different. Yes, Rikka believed she could heal herself. But when she tried, the tumors grew larger. Now, this is a lady who has spent much of her life devoted to her spirituality. She teaches hundreds of people how to get in touch with their spiritual side every year. She even teaches courses which enable others to become spiritual teachers themselves. So when she began to fail at healing herself, she became understandably upset. So she tried harder. She meditated for hours each day focusing on shrinking and erasing all those tumors. She did every spiritual technique and procedure she knew of, thinking she could do it. She said, “Come on, God. We can get rid of this.” But about two weeks in, her medical condition had only worsened. Thinking that she was going to die no matter what she did, Rikka let herself grieve. She sobbed uncontrollably for three days, and just let herself give in to her feelings. She stopped trying to heal herself by forcing herself to focus on her condition. And something magical happened. She understood that she’d been trying to heal herself by force. By straining and striving. She realized that she needed to surrender and let God do the healing. She had to quit trying to control her circumstances. She had to release her need to do something. She had to surrender and give in. That may sound fatalistic, but it was the key to unlocking her real power. Notice, I didn't say Rikka gave up – I said gave in. She stopped trying to do everything and let herself be. She relaxed, which allowed inspiration and understanding to flow in. She found just the right doctor at the right time. She found one of only a handful of doctors able to do this brand new experimental treatment. All through the power of surrender. Was going through this cancer treatement horrible and painful? Yes. But her tumors began to shrink. And in two months, they were gone. That's right. Gone! Many medical professionals might've concluded that she was not going to make it. But she did. Because she gave in and went with the flow. She grieved. She felt extreme sorrow and despair. And she allowed those negative, hard and resistant energies to leave her. When I first heard Rikka tell that story, not only did I get tears in my eyes, I got goose bumps. Have you ever felt a zip of energy go through your body when you hear something you know – you KNOW – is the truth? It's not always explainable, either.   The second example I'd like to site is a personal one. Now please know in advance that I am no guru or expert. I'm still working to improve my life in many areas and will probably never claim to be completely enlightened. But I do know that miracles can happen and that the spiritual realm – while invisible, can be felt. Several years ago – long before I was introduced to the spiritual teachings I'm now actively exploring – I had a friend who was going through a divorce. We used to work in the same office side by side, but the company we worked for at the time had asked her to run another office and promoted me to the manager of the one we'd worked in together. I've never seen anyone go through a divorce and not have a hard time, but my friend really had a rough time. Everything seemed to go against her. Once in the middle of the work day the thought of her popped randomly into my mind. I had this strange cold feeling all over – and it didn't feel good. I'd never felt it before and haven't felt it since, but I knew something was very wrong. I called her to check on her and discovered that she was in a very dark place. She was wondering if life was even worth living anymore. I was able to talk to her and make her feel better, and quite a while later after getting off the phone I felt confident she wouldn't do anything rash. But if I hadn't responded to that weird cold feeling and acted on it, I'm not sure what would've happened. Now maybe you think I was overreacting. Maybe nothing would've happened. Maybe she would've been fine even if I hadn't called her – I even offered to go over to her office at the time. But deep down I don't think so. I think allowing that feeling to guide me was my first experience with a spiritual form of surrender. And I didn't even know it! I think we are all connected both to the divine (God/the Universe/Source/whatever you wanna call it) and to each other. Us being here on this planet is no accident. Hearing something and knowing that it's the truth is no accident. We all have intuition. We all know, if we really pay attention, when an undeniable truth is being spoken. We know it down to our bones. We know it in our gut. I used to blow such things off or call them a coincidence. I'm now learning to surrender more to that divine guidance system. I now understand that there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Everything. That we don't fully comprehend that reason doesn't make it any less true. And yes, I've struggled with that knowledge. Knowing something intellectually and actually believing it are often two very different things. But if we accept that our feelings can guide us, we can develop our sense of intuition more. I personally believe that God speaks to us through our intuition. But we have to be willing to listen. We have to turn off the noise of the outer world and listen to our inner one. When something seemingly bad happens, we'll do much better if we realize God is trying to show us clarity. There is a lesson in there for us somewhere – even if it's painful. Sometimes we manifest wonderful big things. Sometimes we manifest little things. And sometimes we manifest something we didn't want at all. If we can let ourselves feel the pain, release it, and look for what that pain is there to teach us, we can have the life we really want. I truly believe that. And I'm not saying that as someone who has achieved all their dreams. I'm struggling myself with a particular area of my own life. Yet, I know that the more I relax and know I'm supported and loved, the sooner that area – and any other areas of struggle – will be filled with a greater sense of ease. I will find my happy place, that happy life I'm after. I just have to learn to trust God and go with the flow.


Podcast 005: Guided Meditation

August 3, 2017

Meditation. It can be a loaded word for some. Maybe it brings to mind the image of someone in the lotus (crossed legs) position or holding some next to impossible yoga pose. Maybe it brings to mind the term "woo woo" - as in, "All that spiritual stuff is woo woo." I get it. I do. But if you've come to this site, chances are you're not someone who turns the other way when introduced to new ideas. Today, I've created a podcast that is my first attempt at a guided meditation. It's pretty short - the meditation itself is only about ten minutes long - but I hope you'll find it useful, or better, helpful. Meditation is a practice that has changed my life so dramatically for the better. Calming my mind and spirit has helped so much to quiet that part of my brain that wants to throw negativity my way. It has countered every, "I'm not good enough," with "Of course, I'm good enough." For each doubt, feeling of unworthiness, lack of confidence, or just plain fear I've experienced, meditation has managed to bolster me. Do you know why meditation works so well? It's because it allows our spirit to hear what our mind does not - or at least doesn't always - the truth. When I first started, I did my meditation sessions in a hodgepodge way. I might do one at lunch once a week, and then try to do one the next week at night before bed. Not that there's an absolute right or wrong to this, but for the best results, meditation needs to be practiced consistently. Some say the mind and spirit is most susceptible to acceptance when you tell it something right after you wake up and right before you go to sleep. But whenever you decide to meditate, try to keep to a daily schedule if at all possible - even if you only have a few minutes to do so. Want to receive encouraging updates in your social media feed? Subscribe to my email list and like my Facebook page Writing in your Jammies. Looking forward to seeing you there!  


WIYJ Podcast 004: What Loving Yourself Truly Means

July 20, 2017

This podcast talk about the many different ways you can love yourself to live a happier life overall.

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July 16, 2017

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Writing in your Jammies Podcast 002: Losing weight the fun way

July 16, 2017

In this episode, author and blogger Jeannie Hall discusses her personal story of weight loss and how anyone can lose weight without pain, without diets, and without struggling so hard. Through focusing inward, Jeannie has been able to lose over forty pounds, lower her blood pressure, blood sugar, and improve her habits. By focusing on the bigger picture of her overall lifestyle, Jeannie has succeeded where she failed numerous times before.


Writing in your Jammies Podcast 001: 5 Ways to Overcome Fear

July 16, 2017

In this introductory episode, author and blogger Jeannie Hall discusses The Secret, the Law of Attraction (LOA), spiritual journeys, and overcoming fear. Jeannie's 5 Ways to Overcome Fear

  1. Take the first step
  2. Visualize success
  3. Have faith
  4. Trust in your higher power and yourself
  5. Believe




Podcast 003: Gratitude

July 12, 2017

I feel so much gratitude toward all the teachers, blogs, podcasts, videos, and books I have discovered on this beautiful journey. Today, I am listing everyone and everything that has helped me transform my life. Items mentioned in this gratitude podcast: The Secret video/documentary created by Rhonda Byrnes Books/Audiobooks


  • Kelli Cooper

I found Kelli at a very dark place in my spiritual journey, and her podcast and blog put me back on an even keel. The amount of gratitude I feel for her and for all my teachers listed here is immeasurable. Her website: is chock full of wisdom and gentle, foul-mouthed law of attraction (LOA) guidance. You don't get much more down to earth or authentic than Kelli and her husband, Ryan. She also writes eBooks, articles for the Huffington Post, and has recently started to do Facebook live videos. I took a class with both Kelli and Ryan, and it is totally changing my life.

  • Ryan Biddulph

I was introduced to Ryan through Kelli's blog and podcasts where he frequently guest posts and is her "one and only guest." Ryan's blog is, which is a perfect name because he and Kelli travel all over the world. Because of their understanding of the LOA, they are living the lives of their dreams. Ryan is a blogging superstar. He has been featured on many famous blogs, including Richard Branson's.  Despite having written over 100 eBooks on Amazon, he is amazingly generous with his time and has even written a guest post for this blog! It'll go live soon, so definitely be on the lookout for that!

  • Rikka Zimmerman

I first heard about Rikka through Ryan and Kelli. Rikka has two websites, and She is so upbeat and positive. I've also taken one of her classes, and she guided me through the process of releasing some of my most negative beliefs. Those beliefs were holding me back, so I feel an immense amount of gratitude to her for this. Check her out on her YouTube channel. She is an angel!

  • Angela Strank

I came across Angela because she and Kelli were guests on the same show. Angela specializes in guided meditations - so you can focus on what she's saying if you have trouble focusing or if you want to try something different in your meditation sessions. Angela can be found at and you can also subscribe to her YouTube channel.

  • Jason Stephenson

I found Jason while looking for guided meditations on YouTube. His channel is packed with recorded guided meditations to soothing music. He also does live videos if you're interested in a more interactive experience.

  • Alara Canfield

I discovered Alara because Angela was featured on her podcast. Alara's blog and podcast channel is called Awake to Happiness, and she offers many, many podcasts to choose from. She has many different guests on her show, offering a whole range from the spiritual spectrum.

  • Betsy Pake

Kelli was on Betsy's show, the Art of Living Big. Her podcasts and videos feature entrepreneurs and other successes from many different walks of life. Her message is positive and her podcast is very professional. Check out her Facebook community called the Start Small Live Big community or SSLB for short. And last but not least...

  • Pat Flynn

Ryan mentioned Pat Flynn on his podcast recently, but I actually discovered Pat because I was needing help getting my own podcast up and running. His show is famous among business podcasts – you may have already heard of it or may be listening to it – Smart Passive Income. He has a blog, podcasts, and a YouTube channel which is massively successful. He features many entrepreneurs, has how-to videos, and offers a very positive message. Again, I am hugely indebted to all of these folks. They are a gift. Mentioning them here is just a tiny token of my personal gratitude. I hope the folks who helped me can also help you. :)


Podcast 002: Losing Weight the Fun Way

July 11, 2017

In this episode, author and blogger Jeannie Hall discusses her personal story of weight loss and how anyone can lose weight without pain, without diets, and without struggling so hard. Through focusing inward, Jeannie has been able to lose over forty pounds, lower her blood pressure, blood sugar, and improve her habits. By focusing on the bigger picture of her overall lifestyle, Jeannie has succeeded where she failed numerous times before. She has learned to meditate, to release beliefs that no longer server her, and feel more peaceful. Instead of crash dieting to lose weight, she began eating more vegetables and cut back on her portion sizes. She keeps her meals balanced between veggies, protein, and carbs. Although she didn't enjoy being active before, after losing about twenty pounds, she discovered she wanted to move around more and felt more energy. Using the principles she learned while watching The Secret, she focused on having fun more and on doing activities she considers fun, like:

  • hiking
  • swimming
  • swinging on a swing set
  • wandering through nature
  • beachcombing
  • walking

She went from spending her lunch hour at work sitting in her car and eating, to eating something healthy at her desk, then walking during lunch. Her fitness level has improved so dramatically that her doctor believes she'll be able to either lessen her medication amounts or get off of them entirely. Jeannie has already planned and started a book series called The Joy of which will feature a book dedicated to weight loss. She will discuss this series further during a future podcast. She wants to help anyone who has struggled with their health in general or with losing weight specifically, to finally accomplish what we all want - to feel better. By going within she has not only lost weight, she has improved everything in her life. And she can, you can, too!  


Podcast 001: 5 Ways to Overcome Fear

July 11, 2017

In this introductory episode, author and blogger Jeannie Hall discusses The Secret, the Law of Attraction (LOA), spiritual journeys, and overcoming fear. Jeannie has changed her life by beginning to release her fear and incorporating LOA principles into her life. Jeannie's 5 Ways to Overcome Fear

  1. Take the first step
  2. Visualize success
  3. Have faith
  4. Trust in your higher power and yourself
  5. Believe

She has:

  • Lost weight
  • Improved her overall health
  • Gained energy
  • Gone from tired to enjoying long walks and hikes
  • Published six books
    • Four nonfiction self-help books about spirituality
    • Two fiction romantic thrillers
  • Changed her perspective from "I can't!" to "I can!"
  • Reduced her stress
  • Reduced her high blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Embraced her emotions
  • Realized the importance of daily fun
  • Made time to take care of herself
  • Started believing that all her dreams are now coming true

When she started this journey, she was living in fear of making a bad decision. She was an overweight, stressed out retail manager. And worse, because fear of losing her job and paycheck was her overriding concern, she couldn't see a way out. Even though she had a lot to be thankful for, she didn't appreciate those things enough. But since that time, she has changed all that. And if a girl from a little town in Arkansas, USA, can stop living in fear, you can, too! Is fear stopping you? Have you not finished that book because you're too scared? If you're a writer facing fear or other blocks or if you're simply looking to go on your own spiritual journey, this is the place for you! Mentioned in this episode: The Secret: a book written by Rhonda Byrnes and also a movie available, as well as Netflix, that has introduced many to the concept of the Law of Attraction and how it works.