Unique: Podcast 019

November 15, 2017


I believe we are all special and unique. We all have a divine purpose in being here on earth at this particular time. 

Think about it. 

So many people are reaching for more in their lives, more people than there's probably ever been.

Many of us are no longer willing to accept that life is at best boring, and at worst suffering and then you die. We want more. More growth. More understanding. More love. More joy. 

We're no longer satisfied with living in a rut. We want adventure. We want to help others. We want to make the world a better place. We want the best for our children. We want substance over superficiality. We want to be truly happy. 

And so we go searching. But those of us who have found that happiness know it's not out there in the vast beyond somewhere, it's inside of us. It always has been. 

So accept that you are meant for greatness. You are meant to be unique. You are here for a reason. 

And the amazing thing is, when you discover what makes you light up inside, what makes your heart glow, you'll wonder how you ever could've doubted it. 

We make our world. We do. You and I. We are creators. We are investors in our own futures. And how we invest now determines our success and happiness down the line. 

So what do you want our future as a species to be? What do you want your own future to be? What choices are you going to make?

Not to say that those choices will be easy. They won't always be. But making the best decision you can now will benefit you later. 

For example, I'm someone in the midst of a weight loss journey. I've lost 43 pounds, but I'm in the process of losing more. 

A big achievement I've made recently is to end all eating after 7pm, and to limit myself to 2 meals a day. I'm starting to see and more importantly feel the positive results of this change in my life. 

I no longer suffer from acid reflux - something that used to be my constant companion. 

My stomach - where most of my weight resides - is getting flatter and flatter. 

I no longer have to shop in the plus size section for my clothes. My clothes fit better overall, and I feel confident when I wear them. 

I know now with certainty that I will soon have one of those beautiful flat bellies I've always admired in others. 

I know I'll have it because I've made a commitment to have it. I've promised myself I'll have it. And I no longer break promises to myself. 

And I'm so proud of myself for that for honoring and loving myself enough to make good on my promises. 

This is me - my unique journey. 

And I've realized that the contribution I have to make to this world is my own uniqueness. 

You too offer the world a unique perspective. You have your own unique skill set and gifts. No one else sees the world exactly as you do. 

You are so important to how the world and even the Universe functions. 

Rhonda Byrnes of The Secret fame says we are all essential pieces of the Universe, and I agree. 

Who you are, your childhood experiences, your growth as a person, your strength, and your beauty are unique to you and cannot be replicated or replaced. 

Corporations like to train their workers to believe that they're all mere cogs in a machine and as such are replaceable. Sometimes this information is communicated as a quasi-threat. "If you don't do what we want, as fast as we want, as good as we want - you'll be replaced!"

Isn't that lovely? Doesn't that inspire loyalty? Doesn't that make you feel wonderful and lucky to have such great support?


It's just so ridiculous!

As if anyone else could give what you give. When you do your very best, you are a force to reckon with. You are an amazing power in and of yourself. 

So for the head of a corporation to ever say that you are replaceable shows what little they understand about what human beings actually are. They underestimate their workers and themselves. 

We are on the planet together and share this human experience. It's important to remember that while our similarities will always outweigh our differences, it's our unique contributions that build this gorgeous world of ours. 

Our uniqueness as individuals creates this fantastic human whole we all get to be a part of. It's an incredible gift to understand where we all fit in. I think it really does make us more compassionate to see our existence this way. 

So to remind you of the beauty of being unique, I'd like to share some quotes:

  1. "You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way." Lady Gaga
  2. "What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it's not. And a lot of the time, it's what makes you great." Emma Stone 
  3. "Who wants to be normal when you can be unique?" Helena Bonham Carter
  4. "Cling to your imperfections, they're what make you unique."
  5. "I am unique. I am special. I am me." 
  6. Unique: being the only one of its kind; without equal  or equivalent; unparalleled 
  7. "You are unique. There has never been another you and there never will be, so why not make the best for yourself?"
  8. "Stop trying to fit in when you were meant to stand out."

What do you think? Do you struggle to find your place or do you have the confidence to follow your dreams? 

Remember that you are magnificent just as you are. And if you're not in the place you'd like to be in your life, you can always change that

Not sure how you can change that? Go to my coaching page to get some help. 



Badass Podcast 018

November 11, 2017


I want to tell you something really important today... you are a badass. 

Now I realize that may be hard to believe. I know it was for me. 

I grew up in a little tiny town of 1200 people in Arkansas USA. I wasn't poor per se, but we certainly didn't have much money. 

Due to the small nature of our community and the distance between us and any metropolitan area, opportunities were limited - or at least, that's what I thought. 

We didn't have a Target, for example. 

My point in revealing this to you is that I used to believe that because of that small town upbringing I'd never be anyone important or do anything important. When I was young, I was okay with that. 

I figured I would get married, be a teacher for a little while, then leave teaching to be a stay-at-home mom. 

Other than falling in love and being happy, I didn't have big dreams back then. 

Rich and famous people seemed so far removed from me that I couldn't even imagine what their lives must be like. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - a show I used to watch - might as well have been about extra terrestrials. It all seemed too impossible for me. 

I've since learned, however, that anything is possible for me and everyone else. Not that I particularly want to be famous. Though not having to ever worry about money does have a nice ring to it. I'm so grateful for all that I have and all that I've learned.

The thing is I used to limit myself. Many of us do it. We simply believe what society or our families teach us - often with good intentions - to be true. We're taught that some are meant for greatness but that those folks are few and far between. 

That, dear listeners, is a lie.

All of us are already great. We are spiritual beings choosing to have a human experience. Therefore, no matter who we are, we are capable of amazing things. 

The secret to tapping into this greatness is becoming a badass, or more accurately, believing you are one. 

And you are! You really are! 

You are made of light. You are made of love. You are so powerful that you freaking create your own life with your thoughts and feelings! 

I mean, my God! How crazy wonderful is that?

When we become badasses, we become the incredible beings we were always meant to be. 

We are capable of so much love and joy. We are capable of healing ourselves. We are capable of making our world better, simply be being aware of our true place within in. 

When we use that massive amount of love we all carry to love ourselves, we are rocked to our very foundations. Being petty, or angry at traffic, or frustrated by something a family member did all becomes so unnecessary. 

When you allow yourself to love that beautiful divine creature you are, suddenly it's easy to love your loved ones even more. It's easy to love everyone more. 

Being a badass means you don't apologize for doing the best thing possible for yourself, for taking care of yourself. And the cool thing is it makes it so much easier to give to others.

Loving yourself, ironically, is the most unselfish action you can take. 

So be a badass. Make loving, awesome, badass decisions. Love like a badass. Give like a badass. Be a light unto the world like a badass. 

Go after your dreams like a badass. 

Because the more of a badass you are, the happier you'll be. The more inspired you'll be. The more beautiful you'll be. 

Badasses don't limit themselves or choose to live small when they're  meant to live big. Badasses love and live unapologetically. They are completely, 100% themselves at all times. 

So go out into this vast world of ours with the confidence of a badass. This world was created for you, after all. So be that badass and go get it! 


Rejuvenation for Writers Podcast 017

November 8, 2017


Are you an aspiring or published author in need of rejuvenation? 

If so, I'm creating this podcast for you. 

Let's say you're a writer who has never been published because you never finish you manuscripts. You have one or even several stuck in a drawer or under your bed, but you can never seem to complete them. 

A new idea comes (we often call these plot bunnies due to our need to chase them), and you write ferociously for a while to get it all down. But then everything just kinda fizzles out. You don't know what your characters should do or how to get your plot moving forward again. 

So you pile it up with your others, wondering how you'll ever be able to reach your dream of publication. 

Or let's say you're a traditionally published author through a publishing company. You've never had trouble writing before, but now that your elderly in-laws have moved in, you find you can't settle in to write like usual. 

You try and try to focus, but taking care of their needs drains you more than you expected. Every time you go to your computer, one of your in-laws interrupts you.

In frustration you go to your spouse, but this leads to an argument and now you feel guilty. What are you going to do?

Or let's say you're self-published. 

You've successfully published several books, but halfway through this work-in-progress you find yourself empty of energy and inspiration. 

You know you need to get back to it, but every time you go to your laptop, you find yourself going to Facebook or online instead of to your word document. 

Before you know it, hours have passed and you haven't made any progress at all. Several days pass and you continue to avoid your writing. Weeks then months pass. 

Now, you're panicked. 

Even though you've successfully completed many novels before, you're utterly uninspired. Your muse has abandoned you. What should you do?

If you're a writer and any of these scenarios sound familiar, let's get you some rejuvenation! The best thing you can do is be aware of where your problem is stemming from. 

Do deadlines stimulate your motivation or do they stifle your creativity? 

Are you avoiding writing because you feel blocked?

Or do you never finish what you start even though you have tons of great ideas?

No matter the situation, ask yourself why.

Why are you having trouble? Are you tired? Stressed? Unmotivated?

Are you feeling too much pressure? Why does it feel like too much? 

Why are you getting distracted and what can you do about it?

Let's look at our aspiring author from the first example. 

She is great at coming up with new ideas, but not so great with following through. 

Let's plug her issue into Brooke Castillo's coaching model. 

Circumstances: The aspiring author begins lots of stories but doesn't finish them. (The fact of the situation at the moment.) Thought: I don't know how to finish my stories.  Feeling this thought creates: Frustration. Action she takes: She gives up on her current WIP (work-in-progress) and starts another story. Result: Incomplete manuscripts unsuitable for publication.  Rejuvenation FIX

Let's look at her thought again. "I don't know how to finish my stories." 

Often when someone says they don't know or are confused by something, it is to cover up their true beliefs about the situation. 

Since we are all spiritual beings in human bodies, we are all wise and intelligent creatures. Even if we don't immediately know how to do something, we know we can figure it out or how to seek help from someone who can show us. So "I don't know" isn't really true. It's a bit of a cop out. 

So what is her real thought?

I want to be published, but if I finish my stories, they may be criticized and rejected. 

Real feeling?

Fear. She fears criticism and rejection. She never finishes so she won't ever have to face those fears.

Now that we've gotten to the heart of the matter, we can change this. By the way, becoming aware of our thought process and the feelings it creates makes a huge difference in and of itself. Knowledge is power. 

Her new thought needs to be positive and believable. Here are some possibilities:

  • I can handle criticism and rejection because it'll teach me what I need to get better.
  • I am smart enough to figure out how to write good endings.

Or you could even go as simple as:

  • I can face my fears.

Whichever feels the most true and good is the one she'll want to adopt. 

Let's look at our second example, our traditionally published author with the in-laws. 

Circumstances: Her elderly in-laws have moved in and require extra care.  Her thought about this: They keep distracting me from my writing.  Her feeling: Annoyance or possibly resentment.  Action: She goes to her husband to complain about the situation.  Result: An argument and no (or at least less) writing getting done.  Rejuvenation FIX

Remember that circumstances are facts that we're not looking to change necessarily. 

You can't change other people - though many try. She can't heal her in-laws. Maybe they could hire a nurse, but maybe that's not affordable or the in-laws have rejected that idea. 

So let's work within the framework we've been given. 

Her original thought was: "They keep distracting me from my writing."

What thought can she change this to that'll help her to write? 

This thought needs to make her feel good rather than annoyed and resentful.

How about:

  • I can write when they're asleep.
  • I'm great at refocusing after distractions.
  • I can easily take care of them AND finish my writing projects. 

Whatever she changes her thought to is all about perspective. If she can stop seeing the care of her in-laws as a burden, then her emotions around this situation will become more positive. 

Yes, this may be a challenge. But we get to choose our thoughts, and we get to choose how we feel. 

Sure, she can talk to her husband again. Maybe they can work out a schedule where he'll watch them for a certain amount of time while she writes. But if she can alter what she is thinking about the situation on her end, she can still reach the result she wants - a completed writing project.

Let's look at our multi-published author who suddenly can't finish her current WIP. She's been going to Facebook or playing around online instead of writing. 

Circumstances: She has not written anything in months. What does she think about this? She thinks she is no longer a writer.  How is she feeling?  Anxious, scared, even panicked.  What actions has she taken due to feeling this way? These emotions have led her to avoid writing altogether. Instead, she finds herself going to social media both escape and to commiserate with her other writer friends.  Result: While she may receive some sympathy from her online friends, her avoidance of writing leaves her novel unfinished.  Rejuvenation FIX

First, as always, change that meddlesome thought. 

Here are a few possibilities:

  • I am a multi-published author, and I know I can do this. 
  • My mind is full of new writing ideas. (If the problem is inspiration, this will bring those ideas to the fore).
  • Writing makes me feel good. 

Again, remember she can always choose a different thought to see if it feels true. Maybe something as simple as "I AM a writer," can be a good starting place. 

So once she changes her thought, she'll then need to focus on all the feelings and thoughts that come up when she thinks about sitting down to write again. 

I would advise her to go to someplace other than her typical writing spot and write these thoughts and feelings down on a regular piece of paper. 

She won't limit what she writes down in any way - she's just going to write down every thought and feeling that comes to her no matter how negative. 

When done, she'll need to read over what she's written. Many times people are surprised by what they've written. They're often not consciously aware of what's been going on in their head. 

Now that she's aware of her thoughts and feelings, she'll gradually start to change them to become more and more positive. 

She may start out with "I am a writer" but end up with "I can finish this novel within a month." Or maybe she'll be more generic and say, "I can do anything!" Or, "I'm freaking awesome!" 

This model can be used with any problem. Figure out what they actual circumstances or facts are. Separate out your thoughts and feelings. Look for the actions you've been taking (if any) and determine what your current result is. 

If you're result is not what you want it to be, change your thought to something positive and believable. 

Then sit back and watch your life improve. 

Or, get some individualized help from me. 

I am offering a special holiday discount to anyone who signs up for my 6 week Rejuvenation for Writers Coaching Program before November 24, 2017 (Thanksgiving Day in the US). 

The Rejuvenation for Writers Program, normally priced at $450, will be reduced to only $349.99. That's 6 full weeks of one hour coaching per week, constant email access to me, and lots of exercises to help get you back on your writing track. 

Curious? Ready to receive some rejuvenation? :) Click here to schedule your FREE mini-session with me now! 

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Success: 4 Tips on How to be One

November 5, 2017

SUCCESS Today I'm talking about what it takes to be a success. Success can mean many different things, but a lot of us equate success with freedom. What I'm going to specifically focus on in this podcast is the freedom of being an entrepreneur. The thing is, owning your own business can be difficult. But anyone can become a success if they have the right tools. The most important of those tools is a success mindset. Many people who start their own businesses were originally in the corporate world where there were set hours and a boss requiring certain tasks be completed. Often being at work in that kind of environment is about whiling away the day until it's time to go home. Or we keep getting assignments and tasks thrown at us until we're able to clock out. This is why some decide to become entrepreneurs. They want to do work that's exciting and meaningful. They want to be in charge of their own days and to have more freedom. But that freedom can come with a price. Some work-from-home businesses fail because they have a different mindset when they are home. Being at home is all about kicking back and de-stressing. They don't want to work while at home. They like to keep their home life and work life separate. This may be a good idea, but in today's workforce, work and home often merge despite our best intentions - we get texts and emails about work at home, whether we want to receive them or not. Sometimes the superiors at our jobs expect us to be willing to work even during what is supposed to be our time off. Setting boundaries in these situations may become necessary. Of course, if your thought about receiving texts and emails during your off times is positive, then no harm done. The problem comes when you feel resentful of these intrusions. In that case, you'll need to make a decision. Either change the way you think about getting work communications at home or erect a boundary to stop it from happening. When you work from home those two worlds can become even more likely to connect. It can be hard to keep our families and personal lives from becoming entangled with our professional ones. Still with discipline and a specific plan, you can become a success either way. If you decide to leave your job to work for yourself, just remember being your own boss really is just that - you have to BE your own boss. Successful entrepreneurs have to do what needs to be done in a timely manner - in other words - productivity is essential. One lesson life coach Brooke Castillo teaches is that running your own business isn't about filling your day with busyness, it's about seeing results from that day. Ultimately, you can work 80 hours a week or 20 hours a week - the important thing is seeing results. Since my own coaching niche is writers, let's say you're an author who has a deadline to meet. How many hours you spend writing doesn't matter as much as the amount of progress you make on your novel overall. Ten pages may take you two hours or two days, but what you're really after is a completed project. Now let's flip that idea slightly to a self-published author - since I'm both traditionally published and self-published (what we call a hybrid author) I understand each of these situations. A self-published author has no publishing company breathing down her neck demanding she turn in her novel by a certain date. Yet, if she wants to have more products to sell - in this case, books - she'll need to complete as many as possible as quickly as possible and at the highest quality possible. No one will buy her novel and read it if it's rife with spelling and grammatical mistakes. So both authors' objectives are to get to the result of a completed novel. But the self-published author is going to have to provide her own motivation and drive. The only one telling her to hurry up is herself. The reason having a positive or success mindset is so necessary is because our thoughts cause our feelings. So if we start to doubt ourselves - we think, "I can't do this," "I'm not good enough to do this," or "I'm not smart enough to do this," the battle can be lost before we even begin. Tip 1: Think positively and believably about our success. We must believe we can do whatever we set our hearts on, and believing it starts with what we think. What are some things we can say to ourselves that are believable, positive and helpful? •I can do this. •I can figure this out. •I am smart enough to figure out what to do. Tip 2: Take note of how you feel. When you say these things to yourself, how does it feel? If it feels good and true, then concentrate on these thoughts with all your might. If they don't quite feel true, modify them until they do. Tip 3: Once you feel good, act from that inspired place. As long as you are in a positive, happy space, these actions will help you to be in alignment with what you desire - in this case, a successful business. Tip 4: Look for results. Give yourself a certain timeframe to start seeing positive results - probably at least 6 months to a year. If you're being more productive - writing more, seeing more attention on your website, or seeing more sales of your product - you're on the right track. If you don't see these good results, check what you're thinking. Thoughts really do become things, so to quote Mike Dooley, "make sure they're good ones." Are you a writer struggling to see results? Sign up now for a free mini-session with me, and we'll get you back on the road to success.


Flip the Switch Podcast 015

November 1, 2017


When negative thoughts show up trying to make our lives less happy or fulfilling than we want, we can simply flip the switch on them.

When desire to eat unhealthy at night comes, I can stop and think about something more positive and helpful like seeing myself looking beautiful and sexy in a bikini. 

When fear, worry, anxiety or self pity show up - I can just flip the switch to appreciation and gratitude. 

Instead of thinking "This is so hard!" I'll think - "I totally got this!"

Instead of lamenting that my efforts of blog writing and podcasting aren't making any difference, I'll flip it to, "I'm constantly creating value, and I WILL see results!" Or even better, "I love podcasting and blogging, and I'll happily do them for free!"

Instead of griping, "I'm tired from working so many hours at the day job," I'll turn it into, "I'm strong and grateful, and I can handle this with no problem." Or "I'm good because I'm being so productive." 

Instead of being upset and thinking about how unhappy I am with my job, I'll change it to , "Everything that happens to me is serving me and my brilliant future."

This last one really struck me recently when I realized I wanted to specialize my life coaching practice  into helping writers who are having difficulty feeling inspired and creative enough to write rediscover their muse. This is going to be my niche. 

I originally had planned to specialize in helping newcomers to spirituality with their transition turning over a new spiritual leaf. Which is great, and I if this is you, I'm still happy to be your coach. But I realized that I'd still pretty general, and I need to be super specific.

So then I thought about my focus being on weight. Since I've successfully lost 43 pounds, I thought I could specialize in helping busy women with hectic and stressful day jobs - like me - lose weight. But again, I figured out that my idea was too broad. And since Life Coach instructor Brooke Castillo advises getting as specific as possible, I needed to rethink my plan.

But then inspiration struck! I could concentrate my efforts on writers like myself (aspiring or published), who have lost their creative spark. Maybe they're busy caregiving. Maybe their day jobs sap all their energy. Maybe an illness or unexpected stressful event reared its ugly head and derailed their writing plans. It can be difficult to find your muse if all your attention is forcibly pushed onto something else. 

This is my niche! Not that I can't help anyone with any issue because life coaching is all about altering your mindset, which applies to anything. But focusing on my tribe, which is other writers, I can do the most good. 

I thought about how my website, blog, email and podcast are all called Writing in your Jammies- a perfect image for those who want to be writing but are having trouble doing so. 

You ever feel like things are preordained? Like the Universe or God has conspired to make everything fall into place for you? This is how I felt the day I discovered my niche. 

So instead of worrying that my business isn't taking off, I can now flip that to "Inspiration on how help my clients just came down from on high! Can't get better encouragement than that!" 

Mentioned in this episode:

What issues are you having where a negative thought can be flipped like switch into a positive and believable one? 

Comment on either my podcast or writinginyourjammies.com and receive my beautiful freebie cheat sheet on Defining Your Dream! 


Tenacity Equals Repetition: Podcast 14

October 28, 2017

Tenacity = Repetition 

Achieving any success comes from making goals. But to keep those goals we have to have tenacity - stubbornness about going forward. 

That's why repetition is so important - we have to choose over and over again to make the decision to keep following our dreams instead of giving up.

It's lots of little steps every day that ultimately lead to us reaching our goals.

Let's say you have a goal of losing 20 pounds. You'll need to stay aware of your activity, what you're eating and how much. You'll want to get in a habit of being aware of how much exercise you're willing to commit to - even if it's just ten leg lifts as you sit on your couch. 

In my case, exercise used to be something I thought of as... well... icky. It made me hot and sore. It left me all sweaty... Eww. So when I discovered my decades of obesity had actually turned me into a bona fide diabetic... I decided to take my weight seriously. Or to put a finer point on this, I decided to finally lose the weight for good. I was scared. I'd never successfully lost all the weight before. I went to a dietician. Who was a godsend, by the way. She's the one who let me know losing weight and being diabetic didn't mean my life (and ever eating dessert again) was over. All I had to do was make a few - very doable - changes. Again, small steps. Instead of having two helpings, I had one. Instead of having a giant bowl of ice cream, I opted for some delicious sugar free popsicles. (Only four carbs each!) I realized losing weight was possible for me. I didn't realize it then, but I was beginning to change my mindset about losing weight. After losing twenty pounds, I wanted to get up and move more. I'm not talking Riverdance or anything, but I didn't want to be a couch potato anymore. I began to walk. At first, it was just a half mile. Then, I started to aim for a full mile. When that became easy, I began doing 1.5 miles. And now, I love doing two or more. Baby stepping. A little bit and then a little bit more. If I can do that, anyone can. At my highest weight, I was 233 pounds. People I worked with noticed I sweated after even minor exertion and became out of breath. I didn't realize how big I really was until I looked at pictures. Like this one, for example. [caption id="attachment_813" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Size = 3X[/caption]   This one is after losing 43 pounds. And boy, do I feel better. I'm much healthier overall now, too. [caption id="attachment_814" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Much better.[/caption]  

With any goal it's important to keep that goal front and center in your daily life. If you want to start a business, you need to have several small goals each day of what you're working on. For example, if you're an author, you probably have a word count or page goal. Or maybe you choose one day of the week to focus on marketing and social media, one day to create and send out a blog or newsletter, two days to rough draft or plan, and one day to edit. Or you may do a little of all of those things everyday. 

By taking small, relatively easy steps every day toward our goal, it's much less likely that we'll get overwhelmed.

So many writers have a hard time making progress because they start with a huge goal and never break it down into manageable steps.  A writer may have a goal of writing a 75,000 to 100,000 word novel, but she would need to start with a writing goal of somewhere between a paragraph to 2,000 words to begin with - especially if this is your first writing project. 

If you are self employed or want to be, you'll need to have a plan of how your days will go. Schedule times for work, but also schedule your lunch break, and what you want to accomplish that specific day. Life coach Brooke Castillo says to get up, get dressed and follow a daily plan just like you would if you were going to a day job - building that tenacity and those habits and routines will help you feel safe and will keep your tasks feeling doable rather than impossible. 

Speaking of doable, I have now developed a special program for writers. If you are a writer who has lost your creative spark, my new 6 week Rejuvenation for Writers life coaching program will help you get to the root of your writing woes. This course will break down what's causing your lack of inspiration, and once we've discovered that cause, I'll provide you with the solutions that enable you to not only get your writing juices flowing again, you'll have all the tools necessary to finish this novel and any other writing project you dream up in the future. It will require some tenacity, but if you're stubborn like me, that should be no problem. :)

And what did I say about repetition? Oh, yeah... Tenacity = Repetition Or...

To find out more about me and my spiritual awakening, check out my About page. To hear my very first podcast about overcoming fear, click here. Sign up for a free mini session between now and Thanksgiving and you'll receive this comprehensive 6 week program at a special holiday discount! Yay! 

So if you're a writer struggling to get words on the page, go here to get started. 


Affirmations: Podcast 013

October 25, 2017

Affirmations Today's post is all about affirmations, or positive sayings you say to yourself to change your mindset. Affirmations are a wonderful way to change those thoughts - or sentences in your head - from a negative or limiting belief into healthy and happy thoughts. I've chosen 25 affirmations from Pinterest to brighten your day: [caption id="attachment_797" align="alignnone" width="564"] Via Pinterest[/caption]

  1. I am unlimited in my wealth. All areas of my life are abundant and fulfilling. ~ Louise Hay
  2. I am confident that I can earn a wonderful living doing work and service that is important to me.
  3. I feel completely secure in myself.
  4. I live in a friendly universe that is always providing for me.
  5. I trust the next chapter because I know the author.
  6. I easily create a routine that allows plenty of time for work, play and family.
  7. Everything that happens in my life prepares me to achieve my dreams.
  8. Ideas flow to me like a spring of creativity.
  9. I experience miracles daily.
  10. All that I am, all that I have, all that I give, all that I receive is blessed and multiplied every single day.
  11. My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless: my potential to succeed is infinite.
  12. I can receive lots of money out of nowhere!
  13. My soul is my sanctuary. I go within and find the deepest love.
  14. Today I will not stress over things I can't control.
  15. I breathe in joy.
  16. I have unlimited potential.
  17. My life serves a great purpose.
  18. The Universe supports me in all I do.
  19. Worthy now. Not if. Not when. We are worthy of love and belonging now. Right this minute. As is. ~ Brene Brown
  20. I am enough. I am whole. I am worthy.
  21. I am willing to release the need to be unworthy. I am worthy of the very best in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it. ~ Louise Hay
  22. I'm no longer a slave to fear.
  23. I see harmony and healing among all people everywhere.
  24. Every day I discover new things that bring me joy.
  25. I make choices that honor who I am.

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Thoughts: Podcast 012

October 22, 2017


Your thoughts become your reality, so it's really important to pay attention to those thoughts.

One way to change our thoughts is by using Certified Master Coach and trainer Brooke Castillo's coaching model. Check it out below:

C - circumstances 

T - thoughts 

F - feelings 

A - actions

R - results 

Start with self talk. Keep what you're saying to yourself kind, loving, and positive.

What do you believe? How can you change negative beliefs?

Take baby steps. Make that sentence in your head both positive and believable. 

Example 1: 

My business isn't doing as well as I want.

What are the circumstances?

How can you change that thought and make it positive? How about "My business is doing great!"

But maybe it's not doing great. Maybe you have no clients or customers and $40 in the bank. How can we make it both positive and believable? "I believe I can make money with my business."

Maybe come up with an amount. "I believe I can sell x number of books." Or... "I believe I can draw attention to my books." 

Let's do another...

 Example 2: 

Your mind's telling you you'll never find the significant other of your dreams. 

What are the circumstances? You are not in a relationship right now. 

How do you feel about that? Crappy. Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Which feels the most true?

Now, what actions have you been taking because of the way you feel? Will you date anyone who asks you out, even if they're not a good fit?

What result will that bring you? Probably a relationship that ends quickly or is unhappy because you're not a good match. 

What can you change your thought to? How can you change your feelings of loneliness? 

How bout, "I am worthy of true love." Or... "I believe it is possible to find my soul mate." 

Maybe you're a writer who is having trouble finishing your novel. 

Example 3:

What is your thought? I can't figure out a good ending. 

Circumstances- maybe you're working a day job or taking care of your kids all day. Maybe you're giving all your energy to something else and have no creative energy left over to design an ending you'll be happy with. 

If you feel tired, you probably need to take better care of yourself. Get a babysitter or take some time off. 

Change your thought to I can figure out this ending. You'll feel better, which will make you inspired to write more, which will ultimately bring you the result you want which is a completed novel.

I'm now offering a new six-week package for aspiring or published authors who are moms or caregivers having trouble completing their writing projects. I'm calling it my "Rejuvenating Your Writing" package. So if this is you, and you'd like some help, click here to check it out.


Creating Value: Podcast 011

October 17, 2017

Creating Value

Creating value is an essential part of making your dreams come true.

I'm a strong believer in the law of attraction because I've received so much joy and comfort from my study of this teaching.

One thing that I believe is allowing more good things to come into my life is my ability and decision to create value for others.

Creating value specifically helps money come into my life, so my focus today will be on this principle. 

So, as I sit here drinking my hot tea, I'm thinking about the two parts of my life that seem to not go the way I want. It's always the same two:

  • career
  • money 

Not that I'm not seeing some shifts. But I'm still in a day job when I'd prefer to spend my time focusing on being an entrepreneur.  Finances and my fear of not having a regular paycheck have kept me from taking the leap, even though I know God/the Universe has my back. Even though I've been trying to alter my mindset in this area, I recently realized I haven't changed it in the right way. I say positive affirmations to myself about money and abundance daily. I have money and abundance on my vision boards. I feel gratitude for everything I have. But I couldn't figure out why I'm not seeing enough of a financial increase to quit my day job. I was listening to a new podcast by Brooke Castillo at the life coach school and she mentioned that money isn't about time or effort - which is what most of us with money issues believe - money is about value. If you create value - whether working for someone else or for yourself - you're drawing more money into your life. We should love what we do, because creating value is a joy. So even though I was saying things to myself like "I love money" and "money comes to me easily," I haven't received much because my mind is also screaming, "I hate my job!" I've learned that I have to change that self talk not only where money is concerned, but also where my job is concerned. Why? Because they're so interconnected.  So instead of focusing on how many days I have to work in a row or how many extra hours I'm required to put in, I need to focus on loving my job and finding value - not because I want to stay there, but because I don't.  I had already started to focus on the positive aspects of my job like enjoying who I work with, accomplishing goals, etc. Now, I'm dropping the whole "hate" thing so I'll stop locking away the abundance and blocking it from reaching me here in the physical world.  Sometimes to manifest what you really want, you have to pay attention to all the different energies in your system.  Like, I thought I was being positive about money and couldn't understand why my financial situation wasn't changing.  But now I see that by looking at my job as a burden and something that was actively holding me back because of the time required, I've been unintentionally blocking that particular manifestation.  If you're like me and you have some negative beliefs about money or your job, you may also need to dive deeper into your feelings so you can release that negativity. Another thing Brooke talked about was giving value ahead of time. I'm now offering my services as a life coach, but I'm also giving value to those of you listening to this by sharing what I've learned here and now. For free. I don't charge anything for my podcast, I just want to give this information to anyone who might need it. I also offer value in my blog and in my free newsletter.  Not only do I share positive tidbits and info there, I also provide this great cheatsheet that helps you define your dreams. So by giving value in several different ways, I'm opening myself to more positive and abundant energies. I'm inviting them to enter my life by being of service.  I also loved how Brooke defined "being of service." For some of us, that phrase may not feel so awesome. Maybe it feels yucky. Like I don't want to live in destitute poverty like Mother Theresa, I want a different life - and that's fine.  Another of my mentors Kelli Cooper would say, we each have our preferences and there's nothing wrong with that. Being of service doesn't mean you have to live like Mother Theresa did. To quote Brooke, "Being of service means to be the best version of you possible."  So if the thought of being a nun doesn't fill you with excitement and joy, no worries.  Maybe it does, and that's great, but we all have our unique contribution to make to this existence and whatever you choose is perfect for you. For me, I want to help others make progress on their spiritual journeys and I'll do that through life coaching, blogging, podcasting and writing books.  That's what brings me joy and happiness in my career. And that's different from what I thought I wanted to do a year ago. I'm a work in progress. I'm constantly evolving and so are you.  I used to think sitting at home and writing dark romantic thrillers would make me happy, but I'm discovering that I want more than that. You may be the same way. Maybe you thought something would make you happy, but it didn't. Maybe you're not even sure what you really want. Maybe it feels scary to even consider thinking about your dreams because you haven't allowed yourself to do that in a long time. Maybe you've never allowed yourself to do that.  Your happiness is in your own hands - no one else's - so if you want to be happy, you'll need to start to make choices that allow that happiness in. You choose how you feel, but it's hard to feel happy if nothing in your life is how you want it to be. You can make the changes. You can decide to go after what you want. What you think will dictate how you feel, which then dictates what you do. And it's easier to feel satisfied and happy when you're creating value by doing something you love.  So decide.   Do you want to be happier?  You can begin that journey right now.  Sign up for my newsletter to get the boost you need. Or sign up for a free mini session with me and we'll start hashing this out together!


Podcast 010: Life Coaching

October 8, 2017

Life Coaching Services Now Available! So, big announcement... I've started a life coaching practice! Life coaching is something I've been considering for quite some time, and making this decision has been very joyful for me. The second I decided, this sense of happiness and excitement filled me from top to bottom, so I know this is the right choice. I am specializing in those just starting out in their spiritual journeys. So if you're someone who has decided that you want your life to be more or better than it currently is, check out my life coach services here. When you go to my coaching page, you'll see an option to sign up for a free ten minute mini-session. Schedule that, and we'll get to know each other. This will enable me to help find out what you what to focus on. It'll also help you to decide if coaching will help you. For those who have completed their mini-sessions, I also offer single hour long paid sessions. During that hour, we will focus on your specific needs. I will listen to you and develop a plan to help you on your way to fulfilling your dreams. For those who may need a specialized focus, I am developing a six week package concentrating on permanent weight loss. If that sounds like something that might interest you, please stay tuned. In this episode I mention: Derek Hendricks, a life coach who believes we can all help each other reach higher levels of achievement through synchronicity. He's the one I talk about who describes our spiritual journeys as rungs on a ladder. Check out his interview on AdamSpeaks.com here. My coaching page can be found at this link. Sign up for my newsletter and get your freebie! Click Jeannie's positivity Facebook page to get lovely positivity and inspiration in your Facebook feed. Have you experienced life coaching before or are you a life coach? Please share your experience in the comments below!